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Spring Start Up

This involves turning the water back on to your system and charging the lines. We test all zones, heads, and the controller to make sure everything is working correctly. At this time any repairs or adjustments will be made to the system. If we are not monitoring your system, the controller will be left in the off position.

Spring Start Up
Irrigation Controller Adjustments: 

great for absent homeowners & commercial properties

One of the biggest wastes of water is an unmonitored irrigation system. Our professionally trained service technicians will monitor your controller for the season and will make adjustments to the controller as determined by weather conditions and/or water restrictions. We check the controller on a weekly basis and adjust it as determined by weather conditions, watering restrictions, and to the landscapes needs. This is the best way to conserve water and to give your landscape the required amount of water for healthy turf and plant material.

Irrigation Controller

Clock programming and diagnostics, pipe breaks, non-functioning heads, plugged nozzles, non rotating heads, wiring; faults/breaks, additions, etc. 


The water is shut off to your irrigation system for the season. In some cases we may need access to your house or mechanical room to shut the water off to your system. We purge the water out of each zone of your system with our compressor, ensuring that there is no water left in the lines. The irrigation controller is turned to the “off” position for the winter, but the existing programming will be maintained and ready for next season. (fall blowout must be performed in the Sea to Sky corridor; from early September to mid October)

Rain Sensor:

All irrigation system controllers should have this, if yours doesn’t give us a call. A rain sensor prevents the system from cycling when mother nature has provided enough water naturally. Nobody wants to see an irrigation system running when its raining.

Rain Sensor
Full Irrigation System Installation:

We take care of everything from start to finish. We will design your irrigation system based off the landscape drawing you provide us with. Our installation crew will trench, and install your entire irrigation system. When they are done you won’t be able to tell that we were ever there. 

Trencher installation.jpg
Full Irrigation System Installation
LEED Standards Installation:

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. This is for those who are building and wanting to achieve LEED Certification. The irrigation components: pressure compensating heads/ ET based controller/low flow nozzles/rain sensor/drip. This type of system can help you by providing you with points towards you achieving certification. Please contact us for more information.

Water Wise Options/Additions:

Equipment that can be added to an existing system are: installation of a rain sensor, weather station, water saving nozzles, new controller, programming/monitoring of your irrigation controller by our certified technicians. 

LEED Standards Installation
Water Wise Options/Additions
Drip Irrigation
Begonia Hanging basket.jpg
Drip Irrigation Systems:

Hanging baskets, planters, gardens, trees, etc.

Other Services
Pemberton BMX track.JPG
Other Irrigation Related Services:

Installation of irrigation system at the Pemberton BMX Track

Irrigation installation on A Line & Heart of Darkness at the Whistler Bike Park

Dust Suppression at the Whistler Bike Park

Installation of rinse station for events 


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